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Scalp Micropigmentation

Where & Why

Men and women in Hamburg, NY who are afflicted with bald patches, transplants, or have scars on their heads, can be ideal candidates for Scalp Camouflage Tattooing. The procedure can mean the difference between a lifetime of hat-wearing and the freedom to walk around with an uninhibited scalp. While many men/women choose to embrace their baldness, others may wish to do something about it. This is an ideal alternative because hair transplants can be expensive and may leave scars.

What & How

Scalp Micropigmentation, involving small pigment ‘dots’ deposited into the skin’s epidermis layer utilizing our special custom fine needle, is a simple treatment to perform. This procedure, results in an illusion of the creation of full head of shaved hair as other dots numbering in the thousands are connected. It normally takes two to three sessions with each taking approximately to between two to three hours for a client to complete the procedure. Nonetheless, time on some occasions does vary based on what the requirements of an individual are. The procedure is done again and again until both the technician and client are satisfied that what resembles hair and the surrounding real hair are not being able to be distinguished.


  • Provide an individual with a look of full cropped haired youthful head.
  • All the hairlines, both full-front and side , as well as rear, are stimulated
  • The hairlines of partly bald or fully bald heads are restored.
  • All levels of alopecia symptoms are permanently camouflaged.
  • Scarring that resulted from earlier hair transplant surgery is camouflaged.
  • It helps in hiding scars, burns and birthmarks.
  • It helps in the boosting a hair transplant visual effect.


  • Initial Consultation: When requested, consultation and patch test are provided free of charge.
  • First Session: This session lasts between two and three hours, and is based on how one’s Micro Pigmentation complexity needs.
  • Second Session: This session lasts between two and three hours and it takes place approximately one week after the first session. It is during this session that the gentle perfection of color is accomplished and hairline refined.
  • Third Session: The third session lasts between one and three hours, and it takes place approximately three to five weeks after undergoing the second session. In this session, the shade and hairline are perfected for one’s perfect result.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Possible for People to Notice that One Has Undergone this Treatment?

We make provisions for looks that are exceptionally genuine and realistic. No one would ever have a clue that such treatment was undertaken unless informed. The procedure we make available comes with age-renewing aesthetics, thereby making the entire appearance of an individual who is balding look younger and impressive.

Is it Possible for Micropigmentation to Conceal Scars, Alopecia and Other Imperfections?

The answer to this is definitely yes, considering the fact that a lot of clients wish to conceal the scars and skin blemishes which they have in their lifetime. Strip and FUE scars brought about by hair restoration are among such scars. Others include surgical scars and accident-related scars, as well as other imperfections that come in forms of burns or skin conditions. Concealment of alopecia areata commonly applies the use of Scalp Micropigmentation; nonetheless, other forms like alopecia totalis and traction alopecia utilize SMP to camouflage directly. Our goal in treating alopecia is to help the client restore his/her peace of mind and have renewed self-confidence irrespective of the fact that the real hair may or may not return.

How Long Will My Scalp Micropigmentation Last?

It is recommended that plans be made for maintenance touch-ups to be undertaken every three to six years as a way of maintaining one’s look. It is possible for an individual’s Scalp Micropigmentation to last a lifetime if it is properly taken care of. Nonetheless, precautions must be taken with regards to sun since sunburn may lead to the damage of one’s Scalp Micropigmentation.

What is the Estimated Price Range of this Treatment?

There are variations in prices of this treatment which may range from a price of up to $2,000 for just scar cover-up, to as much as $5,500 when a more comprehensive treatment for an individual with virtually no hair on his/her head is involved. Most of the clients we treat have horseshoe pattern, meaning that they need hairline, top, sides, and blending. Such jobs are priced between $3,000 and $4,000 and are dependent on what a client specifically needs. The pricing of all treatments is performed individually, on the basis of precise requirements of the client.

Does the Treatment Hurt?

There are some individuals who feel a mild form of discomfort when are having their sessions. Certain scalp area, specifically, the sides of the head with nerve endings, are denser than others, thereby making them most challenging to handle. Nonetheless, many opt to have their focus directed towards the benefits that would be gained on the final treatment to help them contend with the sessions.

How Will One Look Immediately After the Procedure?

One expects an immediate result of visible hairline, including some redness that stays for a couple of days before completely disappearing. Normally, the appearance of the pigment dots would be darker for four weeks, in contrast to what was planned, prior to the softening of the pigment to their accepted and finished size, thereby giving one the natural appearance that he/she seeks. Included in our treatment are 3 sessions with improvements made in each session as addition of a new layer is made to create density and coverage, as well as color, in order to obtain the perfect result sought.

Does the End Result Look Like a Tattoo?

In spite of the fact that this is a kind of tattooing, the procedure we utilize and the results attained are far different when compared to regular tattoo. The engineering of our technique and the equipment used are specially made for the creation of an end result that provides a natural appearance.

Do You Have a Facility to Correct Scalp Micropigmentation Procedures?

The answer is yes, as we do provide services for tattoo removal treatments when the need arises, and this has proven very effective with regards to fading and the removal of ink between 1 and 3 treatments.

How Often Will One need to shave?

Majority of the clients we have, opt for a freshly-shaved or ‘buzzed’ look, which leads to their shaving every 2-3 days, thereby helping them save a lot on visiting the barber. The secret would be easily given away when one lets the hair grow.

What is the Downtime?

Upon treatment, one’s body will, through homeostasis, commence with damage repair through platelet-filled scabs manufacturing at the dot sites. This, over few hours, will become hardened by additional fibrin. There will be a natural falling away of these ‘scabs’ and their removal can be effected between 5 and7 days after treatment, by a gentle exfoliation. This leaves one with a scalp that looks fresher and full of follicle.

Can One’s Tattooist Do What You do?

The answer is in the negative because of the unique nature of SMP, and considering the fact that specialized instruments, needles, and inks are utilized in accomplishing the task. The expertise of the tattooists may be in the creation of wearable art which they do best, and their clients display their artwork with pride; however, a successful application of SMP should be practically undetectable.

Can You Make a Soft Natural Hairline?

When it comes to the creation of natural looking hairlines, we are professionals in doing so. Majority of the clients go for a soft and natural fading frontal hairline; however, others go for a look that is more distinct and linear. We offer our services and work with clients on an individual basis so that they could acquire the look they prefer.