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Make The Mirror Your Friend!

Do you have:

  • Acne scars?
  • Wrinkes or stretch marks?
  • Uneven skin tone or big pores?

Don’t let them taunt you anymore! If you look in the mirror and says “I wish I could get rid of these!” then you’ve come to the right place. At Natural Beauty Studio in Hamburg, NY we can get rid of them!

How? Micro-needles.

Unlike more aggressive treatments, microneedling is gentle on the skin and requires little to no downtime, making it a convenient option for busy women.

Microneedling is also suitable for various skin types and doesn’t cause pigmentation issues, making it a versatile and reliable option.

By creating microchannels in the skin, microneedling enhances the absorption of skincare products, maximizing their effectiveness. Bonus!

Best of all, with a series of sessions, microneedling can provide long-lasting improvements, ensuring your skin continues to look its best!!!

Get Rid of Scars!

The pitted scars left from acne, chicken pox, and other injuries can be plumped with Micro-Needling/Skin Needling to give the skin a more even, smoother texture. Scars from surgeries, including tummy tucks, can also benefit from needling. The skin color can be evened out so the differences in tone are more subtle. Works for face and body.

Bye Stretch Marks!

Micro-Needling/Skin Needling can also activate the production of melanin to restore a more even, natural skin tone to white or light scars. This is good for scars that are lighter from injuries, surgeries, and stretch marks. Works on most skin types. UV exposure during healing can improve results.

Wrinkles? Gone!

Fine, medium, or heavy wrinkles all respond well to Micro-Needling/Skin Needling. Natural collagen is produced to fill lines for more smooth skin. The results are very similar to those from lasers, but is more gentle to the skin. Needling may not completely erase lines, but clients report being told their skin looks years younger.

Burns? Get Relaxed

Scar tissue that is tight or impairs movement can be softened and relaxed to increase flexibility and movement in scars. This use of Micro-Needling/Skin Needling is primarily for burn survivors.