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Tattoo Removal Buffalo

Over thousands of years there have been many tattoos done by both professionals and amateurs.  For every new tattoo that is put on the skin daily, there are 2-3 people wanting their old tattoos removed.  Tattoos are exciting and sound like a great idea at the moment but it is a long life and what is exciting today can be difficult to explain or in appropriate in years to come.  Over the years there have been many different attempts at tattoo removal.  Some of those methods included surgical excision, dermabrasion, cryosurgery and most recently laser.  Most of these methods do not work as well as our products. Natural Beauty Studio, Inc.’s Non Laser Tattoo Removal is a revolutionary method of ink extraction and our tattoo removal device developed to remove tattoos quickly, easily and permanently.  There are many benefits to using our Tattoo Removal treatments over other methods of tattoo removal.  Natural Beauty Studio, Inc.’s Tattoo Removal System treatments are less painful and faster than other treatment methods.  In many cases the Tattoo Removal treatments are more effective than laser and requires fewer sessions to obtain satisfactory results.  Aftercare is simple and only requires that the client follow a short set of instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions for Non-Laser Fluid Extraction Tattoo Removal:

How Does your Tattoo Removal Service Work?  Natural Beauty Studio, Inc.’s Non Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment is placed into the skin using a similar technique to the one used by the original tattoo or permanent makeup artist and our other technique.  A combination of ingredients in Natural Beauty Beauty Studio, Inc.’s Non Laser Tattoo Removal procedure solution “bind” to the tattoo inks/pigments and safely lift them to the surface through oxidation.  A scab will form over the treated area that must be kept dry until it sloughs off naturally.  Once the scab has fallen off, aftercare protocol with by applied.

Is Tattoo Removal Right For Me?  Our Non Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment works on Fitzpatrick Skin Types 1 and 2 but also might be acceptable for Skin Types 4 and 5 administered with a patch test.  Also, it works on any type of tattoos, even body and facial permanent makeup tattoos.

What Are The Benefits?  Our products are superior in the following ways to other methods:  1) Less expensive, 2) About 50% to 70% fewer treatments needed, 3) Less discomfort, and 4) Removes ALL colors.

Are There Any Complications?  The client will be evaluated making sure they are a good candidate for this procedure.  Risks can always be reduced with how well the aftercare instructions are followed that are provided to you.  With any procedure where something has been done on the skin, as when you got the tattoo or permanent makeup, there is always a risk of scarring or lighting or darkening of the skin treated based on the clients response.

When Will I See Results?  Most tattoos show some lighting and removal of some ink after one treatment.  Generally with just a few treatments you will see significant results.  We can generally remove your tattoo or permanent makeup in 50% to 75% fewer treatments than with most other methods.  Some tattoos have been removed with one or two treatments.  Other removals take a few more sessions.  Tattoo ink and tattoo artists vary all over the world.  There is no way of knowing what type of ink or how much and how deep the ink was put into your skin and skin types vary, so there is no guarantee on how many treatments will be needed to achieve satisfactory results, if any.  All colors can be removed.  Most other methods cannot expect the same results, including most laser methods.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?  Many things, including client health, the amount of ink, the depth of the ink, and the size of the tattoo, or permanent makeup to be removed have to be considered.  Many small tattoos can be removed with one to three treatments.  Our product will lighten or remove most all colors of any tattoo.  A complete consultation on your first visit can better determine and estimate the number of treatments you may need.

What About Recovery Time?  Recovery is minimal.  During the recovery period, aftercare protocol will be applied.

How Do I Get Started?  We offer free consultations with our tattoo removal professionals, who evaluate your tattoo or removal of your permanent makeup.  It is at that time that all of your questions will be answered.  We will explain how your tattoo will be removed safely and evaluate both required time and cost to you.  You may decide to have the first treatment on the same day as that of the consultation.  Everything is done to help remove your unwanted tattoo as reasonably and as quickly as possible.

Military  Discounts:  Natural Beauty Studio, Inc. is proud to offer a 10% discounted rate for all branches of the armed forces and first responders, active and veterans.  We appreciate the choice you have made in careers and the sacrifices made daily, this is our way of saying thank you.  We are also happy to offer the discount to those who are actively trying to enlist in the military but cannot due to the location or subject matter of their tattoo.  In order to qualify for the discounted rate we request you have a military ID, badge or similar form of identification.  If you are trying to enlist, please bring a business card from your local recruiter with their name and phone number on it (hand printed on the back is acceptable if they have generic cards for the whole office).  Please contact us to discuss treatment and schedule an appointment.