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Lisa’s Training & Certifications

Permanent Cosmetic Training Certifications

  • 2017 – Ombre Permanent Makeup Powder Eyebrows, Sacramento, California, Master International Trainer:
  • 2016 – Advanced Scalp Micropigmentation (Scalp Aesthetics, Inc.), Arizona – Master Trainer: Bryce Cleveland
  • 2014 – Microblade Hairstroke Eyebrow – Beverly Hills, California; Advanced Microblade Hairstroke Eyebrows Training Certification; International Greece/USA Trainer: Daria Chuprys
  • 2014 – Master Eyeliner/Butterfly Eyeshadow – Belgrade, Montana; Advanced Permanent Makeup Eyeliner/Butterfly Eyeshadow Master Training Certification; Master International Russian Trainer: Alina Soloveva
  • 2013 – Permanently Perfect Master Hairstroke Eyebrow Classes – Hollywood, California; Advanced Permanent Makeup Hairstroke Eyebrows Master Training Certification; Master International Russian Trainers: Anna Savina and Nataliya Yeremendo and Master Florida Trainer: Mary Richardson
  • 2010 – American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics – Arlington, Texas; Advanced Permanent Cosmetics and Advanced Paramedical Training Certification
  • 2009 – The Beau Institute – Mt. Laurel, New Jersey; Advanced Areola/Nipple Complex Repigmentation and Scar Camouflage Training Certification; Trainer: Rose Marie Beauchemin
  • 2008 – Auriel’s Touch Micropigmentation (Bio Touch) – Toronto, Ontario;Advanced Permanent Makeup Training Certification; Trainer: Brigitte Biller

Laser and Non-Laser Tattoo Removal Certifications

  • 2018 – A + Ocean Non Laster Tattoo Removal Certification; Trainer:
  • 2017 – International Laser Academy – Buffalo, NY; Laser Tattoo Removal Certification; Trainer: Lorenzo Kunze, II
  • 2011 – Micro-Pigmentation Centre, Inc. – Mississauga, Ontario Canada; EliminInk Tattoo Removal Certification
  • 2010 – American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics – Arlington, Texas; Tattoo Removal Certification

Micro-Needling/Skin Needling Training Certifications

  • 2011 – Plastic Surgeon Desmond Fernandes (Founder of Environ Skincare and Inventor of Skin Needling)  – New York City; Advanced Skin Needling Training Certification; Trainer: Plastic Surgeon Desmond Fernandes
  • 2010 – International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics – Fountain Valley, California; Advanced Skin Needling, Melanocyte Restoration, and Scar Relaxation Training Certification; Trainer: Susan Church

Other Training Certifications

  • 2012 – AcuStaple  – Newcastle, Oklahoma; Ear Stapling (Weight Loss/Quit Smoking) Training Certification; Trainer: Robin Gibson, RN
  • 2011 – Microlight Corporation of America – Texas; Low Level Laser Therapy (Weight Loss/Quit Smoking/Pain Management) Training Certification; Trainer: Steve Barbour
  • 2009 – Rochester, New York; Reiki II Training Certification; Trainer: Fern Hilfinger, Reiki Master/Acupuncturist/RN
  • 2009 – Rochester, New York; Reiki I Training Certification; Trainer: Fern Hilfinger, Reiki Master/Acupuncturist/RN
  • 2008 – Holistic Solutions – Williamsville, New York; Ear Stapling (Weight Loss/Quit Smoking) Training Certification


  • * Volunteer Work at Roswell Park Cancer Institute
  • * Volunteer Work at the SPCA
  • * Doctor Recommended

Lisa Ciaravino is the owner and founder of Natural Beauty Studio, Inc. and is a highly qualified advanced Micro-pigmentation Specialist, also known as a Permanent Makeup/Cosmetic Tattoo Artist with more than 8 years of experience.  Lisa always had a natural artistic flair with a passion at a young age for painting, drawing and fashion. She found her passion and with a very precise eye for detail put her talent to work in the Permanent Makeup/Paramedical Tattoo/Non-Laser Tattoo Removal and Micro-Needling beauty industry.


Being an artist has allowed Lisa the ultimate challenge to make what is beautiful even more beautiful. What a true blessing it is to be able to utilize her artistic and creative talents and passions with people. For Lisa, each client is a live demonstration of her artistic work. Specializing in facial morphology and color theory allows her to choose the best colors and shapes to compliment a woman/man’s unique face shape and skin coloring.  Lisa’s philosophy is that permanent cosmetics, like body tattooing is an art. Knowing how to implant pigment properly into the skin is crucial but more importantly it must be done artfully. Lisa has trained with some of the best educators world-wide/international in the Permanent Makeup/Paramedical Industry and continues to update her knowledge through advanced educational classes, workshops, colleague networking, and self-directed research in new products, procedures and technology in order to maintain the highest level of proficiency, artistry and thorough comprehension of environmental and client safety.


Lisa complies with all necessary sanitization procedures and holds a health permit through the Erie County Department of Health (a test, artist certification, and an inspection for Health Department approval). Helping to regain a woman’s/man self esteem and confidence is a necessary and worthwhile endeavor.  The hugs Lisa receives from women/men telling her that she has changed their lives and that this was the best thing they have done for themselves is Lisa’s motivation to keep learning and to be the best at what she does. Helping others is such a fulfilling and wonderful experience.  It is for this reason that Lisa has chosen the field of Permanent Cosmetics and more.

Our Staff

Natural Beauty Studio’s professionally trained staff members are fully committed to ensuring that your cosmetic enhancement experience is both positive by outcome and comfort with your overall procedure. Our staff will cover what you need to know from the basics of how specific procedures will be tailored to meet your individual needs.  You can be confident that they have your best intentions in mind.

Bill Ciaravino is a Certified Non-Laser Tattoo Removal and Laser Technician at Natural Beauty Studio, Inc..  He attended the International Laser Academy and specializes in laser tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation.  Whether your tattoo is big or small, Bill will be able to assist you.  He is unique in that he not only devotes himself exclusively to tattoo removal but he performs each and every treatment personally.  He looks forward each day to meeting and helping his clients achieve their goals.  Bill’s clients will find courteous service, a friendly atmosphere, and quality care in a pleasant surrounding with the most recent technology being provided.

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